Sunday, September 25, 2016
Syrian Virtual University (Syria)

 Created in 2002, SVU is the first Internet University in the Arab world.  Fully endorsed by the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education, SVU enjoys financial and administrative autonomy and all degrees are accredited. SVU aims at providing the Arab students with a world-class quality education, at home, through an integrated online learning environment based on the latest technological and educational developments and at promoting a new culture of Lifelong Learning. The number of students in autumn 2010 reached 9,000 and the SVU has 18 telecenters in Syria and 10 in major cities in Saudi Arabia and one in Dubai. SVU has cooperation agreements with many universities abroad in order to provide students with a wide range of existing specializations and developed educational programs locally to meet the needs of the national and Arab labour market. As SVU does not have its proper academic staff, it uses teachers from other universities to develop and run its programs.
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