Monday, October 24, 2016
Tishreen University (Syria)

 Tishreen University is the 3rd largest university in Syria. It was established in 1971 and serves north-western regions of Syria. It includes 20 faculties and 3 higher institutions distributed in Latakia and Tartous. There are about 60000 students and 1200 faculty staff members. It is one of the important centres for medical staff resources. It is linked to Damascus medical school with strong relationships illustrated by the co-organisation of quality & accreditation programs. Almost all its academic staff has obtained their qualifications by European universities and most of its academic staff and students understand English and/or French languages. The Faculty of Medicine awards Bachelor degrees, Master, PhD programs. An E-learning centre was established in collaboration with Pilipps-Universitat Marburg in Germany with previous TEMPUS projects. It is equipped with a server, 5 PC-stations, broadband internet access (at least 6000 Kbits/s), wired and wireless networking.
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