Phenotypic Hetereogeneity

Group leaders

Anaïs Rouanet
INSERM U1219, Bordeaux University, ISPED, Bordeaux, France

Paul Crane
School of Medicine & School of Public Health, University of Washington, USA

This group considers clinical issues linked to the heterogeneity in cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease, and the associated methodological challenges.
One particular question considers whether there may be subgroups of typical Alzheimer's disease. There are many forms of clinical heterogeneity that have been identified (imaging, cognitive, fluid biomarkers, etc.). Are there patterns that may be used to sub-divide people with Alzheimer's disease into groups that share similarities within the group and differ from members of other groups? In a precision medicine context, it may be also interesting to identify groups of individuals that are at high risk to develop AD, to start patient management earlier and improve individual health care.
Finally, equally as important, how do we assess and validate the final classification ? What criteria should be considered to ensure that the clusters are clinically meaningful?
This is an exciting area this group will explore. Join us!