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Congratulations MELODEM participants on recent publications:

- Mayeda ER, Filshtein TJ, Tripodis Y, Glymour MM, Gross AL. Does selective survival before study enrolment attenuate estimated effects of education on rate of cognitive decline in older adults? A simulation approach for quantifying survival bias in life course epidemiology. International journal of epidemiology. 2018 Jul 13.

- Alden L Gross, Nadia Chu, Loretta Anderson, M Maria Glymour, Richard N Jones, Coalition Against Major Diseases; Do people with Alzheimer’s disease improve with repeated testing? Unpacking the role of content and context in retest effects, Age and Ageing, , afy136

- Dufouil C, Glymour MM. Prediction to prevention in Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The Lancet Neurology. 2018 May 31;17(5):388-9.

- Will biomarker-based diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease maximize scientific progress? Evaluating proposed diagnostic criteria.
Medellena Maria Glymour, Adam Mark Brickman, Mika Kivimaki, Elizabeth Rose Mayeda, Genevieve Chene, Carole Dufouil, Jennifer Jaie Manly

- Can Survival Bias Explain the Age Attenuation of Racial Inequalities in Stroke Incidence? : A Simulation Study.
Mayeda Elizabeth-Rose, Banack Hailey R, Bibbins-Domingo Kirsten, Zeki Al Hazzouri Adina, Marden Jessica R, Whitmer Rachel, Glymour Maria

- Prediction to prevention in Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
Carole Dufouil, M Maria Glymour

- The Bidirectional Association Between Depression and Severe Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic Events in Type 1 Diabetes.
Paola Gilsanz, Andrew J. Karter, Michal Schnaider Beeri, Charles P. Quesenberry Jr, and Rachel A. Whitmer

- The ACTIVE conceptual framework as a structural equation model.
Alden L. Gross, Brennan R. Payne, Ramon Casanova, Pega Davoudzadeh, Joseph M. Dzierzewski, Sarah Farias, Tania Giovannetti, Edward H. Ip, Michael Marsiske, George W. Rebok, K. Warner Schaie, Kelsey Thomas ORCID Icon, Sherry Willis & Richard N. Jones

- Are Trends in Dementia Incidence Associated With Compression in Morbidity? Evidence From The Framingham Heart Study.
Dufouil C, Beiser A, ChĂȘne G, Seshadri S.